Last update : 06/21/2007

General documentation
How to resize partition, step by step

GParted-livecd-0.3.4-7 and newer.

Last iso can be found there

Please, first have a look at "introduction", from the General documentation

To use the GParted livecd, you must set up your bios to boot off cd !
Then put the cd in the drive once you have burnt the iso you have downloaded.

You will see this screen. 
boot screen
Hit the ENTER key to boot the fisrt option,
or use arrow to look for some other option you wish...
keymap and language
Then autoconfiguration is running,
and comes the last screen before switching to grpahical mode...
Once this is done, the graphical mode will start...
Details about operations can be found there
At the top, you find icon in the panel, to launch screenshot tool...
Before you take a screenshot, you *must* maximized the window,
if the window has been reduced.
Clicking the Info icon returns some informations about kernel,
packages and Microsoft Windows : 
USB icon launches script to mount usb key and built GParted-liveUSB...
You can find usefull application by clicking right mouse button : 
After you have finished you may click on the first icon on the left to reboot !